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The Word about apostacy

Light refers to truth, indicating that His life and His word are one and the same. The life of God is synonymous with the presence of the Holy Spirit, and where God is allowed to manifest His presence, truth is sure to follow. An environment that allows truth to reign is a place and time for miracles and salvation. When a person escorts the Holy Spirit into his circumstances, he is introducing the life of God to the world. His life is indistinguishable from His truth. The person with an anointing speaks the word of God, because the Spirit and His word are one and the same.

The apostle John wastes no time getting into the deep things of God. Starting in verse one, he speaks of Jesus as the word of God. The word was in the beginning, the beginning of what? The fact that he didn’t specify suggests that He was at the beginning of all things. Since Jesus was before the beginning, then He did not have a beginning. Heb 7-3 says, “Without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God, he abides a priest perpetually.” This is a description of Melchizedek, but is used as an analogy for Christ. We know His mother was Mary, but Jesus existed before her, so this is referring to a time before He came to us in the flesh. He was involved in the creation, so He had to previously exist to create it. If He existed before the creation, it is not possible to say that He had a beginning. Therefore, He is eternal, like His Father. He always was and He always will be. The Father is the origin of all things; Jesus spoke His creation into being, and the Holy Spirit performed His word.

People use this verse in conjunction with verse 14 to do battle against the cults, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons and so many others who don’t believe Jesus came as God in human flesh, but say he was just a prophet. They confess that Jesus was the Son of God, but they redefine that term to mean that Jesus was created like any person. In other words, they deny that Jesus Christ existed from eternity past. Actually, it is not a mark of deity to have an eternal future, since we all have that attribute, but the fact that Christ lacked an origin, according to John the Baptist and other passages of Scripture (Heb 7-3), gives him the status of deity. Only God has existed from eternity past, and the cults say Jesus cannot be God because He was born, as though God created Him through Mary. They agree with the virgin birth, that the Father conceived Him in Mary, saying that this marks His point of origin, but John testified about Him that Jesus came after him in the birth order, yet existed before him.

Arguing with cults is fruitless. It is such a rare occasion that anyone drags a person from a cult into the truth of God or to convince anyone about anything. The only reason we should try to persuade cult followers to believe the truth is if they are attacking us. Paul said they believe their lies through the power of Satan, who has permanently stamped his deception into their hearts as with a branding iron (1Tim 4-1,2). The only thing the believer needs to concern himself in regard to convincing the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons or any cult is that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh (1Jn 4-2). The cult follower will heatedly try to dissuade us from this argument, because it is a major threat to his belief system. He knows that if he cannot deny this, he will have to concede to it, and that will spell the end of his cultic beliefs. Any other argument is inferior.

Jesus was the physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is the very substance of the Father. The life of Christ, which is the Holy Spirit, converted to the truth is the light of men. It shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. Jesus came as the light of the world. His truth shined in their darkness, and the darkness hung Him on a cross. The world does not understand Jesus Christ. He is incomprehensible to the natural mind. Everything He said was a mystery. He spoke in parables for two reasons: so they could possibly understand Him, and so they never would.

God cursed Adam in his soul and the curse spread to his flesh, mutating the nature of his physical composition. People fight evil in one another, meaning there is no good side to war. Satan has the same curse, for there is only one, which can be described in one concept – God removed Himself from His creation. The moment He vacated His creation, He created a vacuum. Man and Satan have been trying ever since to fill the void of poverty that God left behind to no avail. The absence of God has turned man’s soul evil, so that no longer is it just a fight against poverty, but a fight against evil. We need Jesus to dwell within us, and when He does, He does not take away the curse in our flesh, but teaches us to live alongside it through faith, which pleases God. Our physical bodies need nourishment, but our souls need Jesus, because we were created with an innate ability to know God. Jesus came to reestablish the relationship between man and God, but He did it through a fallible body, so His remedy did not effect the curse of man’s flesh. God will do away with the curse later. He is currently using it as a form of resistance to test mankind’s willingness to worship and obey His creator against the will of his flesh.



Jesus came to Israel and Israel did not receive Him, but He came also for the world and the world did not receive Him. He came to Israel first, and then to the nations. Israel rejected God first, and then the gentiles rejected Him, so the world does not know God, except for those of His church who would receive Him. That does not necessarily mean those who go to church, for God knows those who are His own. Those who receive Him, He gave the right to be the children of God. Israel is the world’s representative to God, so whatever they did, any other nation would have done. God created the nation of Israel through the faith of Abraham for the purpose of being the world’s ambassador nation. Israel has thus become a microcosm for the rest of the world in things pertaining to God. We know about Israel’s disobedience, and the world is no different. The Jew is no more rebellious than any other ethnic group. Had God chosen to establish His name in a pre-established country, it too would have disobeyed Him, for no one is worse or better than another.

The world does not know its creator. On top of that the world is evil, so what does that say about God? It suggests that God is good by contrast to man’s evil, who has inherited the curse of Adam. The nature of that curse can be described in one word – poverty. The curse has caused man to become selfish and greedy, whereas God is the opposite. He came to give us life by giving up His own on the cross, that we might live by the principles of a new kingdom, though we are forced to live in a world that is ruled by poverty and controlled by lack.

We are not the children of God who were born by natural means, for no one is born a Christian from his mother’s womb. We are not the children of God who will it so in the flesh, for the flesh of man is under a curse. We are not the children of God by the will of society, for there is no such thing as a Christian nation. Rather, we are the children of God who are born of God, corresponding to what Jesus said to Nicodemus in Jn 3-3, “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”